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Forouz Salari (she/her) is a registered social worker and psychotherapist in Ontario who works with people with diverse racial, cultural, spiritual, gender and sexual identities. She provides online counseling (aka. online therapy, e-counseling, video therapy, tele-counseling, tele-mental health support) to individuals and adult pairs (e.g., couples, partners, roommates, family members) looking to improve their communication and connection (aka. couples counselling, sex therapy, family therapy). She also provides clinical consultation to professionals, teams and organizations in the fields of social work, mental health, social services and community services. All services can be provided in English or Farsi.

Forouz' passion is to support people who are committed to self-exploration and healing as part of their ongoing personal and professional growth. This involves integrating what has happened in the past with the present moment, finding balance, feeling grounded and content in oneself, creating nourishing connections, and leading a fulfilling life that captures every aspect of one's identity.

Forouz specializes in supporting people through major life transitions (e.g., breakups, separation and divorce, immigration and resettlement, career shifts, parenthood, young adulthood); stress, burnout, performance anxiety and perfectionism; exploration and acceptance of their intersecting identities; sex therapy with individuals and partners exploring gender identity, sexual orientation, polyamory or non-monogamy, kink, sexual intimacy and connection, and impacts of trauma; communication and conflict resolution in adult relationships (with a partner or spouse, a parent, an adult child, an adult sibling, a roommate, friend or colleague); and clinical consultation for individuals, groups and organizations needing mentorship and guidance in fine-tuning, strengthening and expanding their practice and approach to working with their clients, communities and team.

In their work together, Forouz' clients count on her to bring humour, pragmatism, deep honesty and compassion, and a commitment to their goals, because she believes in everyone's capacity to heal, grow, connect deeply with others, and discover who they are and how to lead a fulfilling life.

Forouz' approach is diverse, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, harm reduction-based and holistic. She draws from different trainings and perspectives to ensure that each session fits with her clients' unique identities and lived experiences, so that you they learn, grow and transform in a way that feels right for them. She also shares new resources, perspectives and techniques with her clients, so that they can leave each session with something tangible to reflect on and apply to their daily life, work and relationships.

Since 2012, Forouz' professional experiences have included management and clinical supervision, community education, program development, educational and support group facilitation, online counseling and tele-counseling, case management, single-session counseling, short-term and long-term sex therapy, couples counselling and family therapy. She has worked with diverse populations, including children and youth with learning, intellectual or physical disabilities, people who identify as members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, women in crisis, refugees and newcomers, parents, and seniors. She is passionate about diversity and equity, mental health, and sexual health.

Forouz holds a Masters of Social Work, a Masters of Arts in Social Anthropology, and a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Anthropology.

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