Garry Smolyansky

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Garry is a Master of Social Work (MSW) practicum student and a Certified Ontario Teacher. He has over 10 years of experience in supporting the educational needs of children, youth and adults. Garry creates a space that is safe, warm and nurturing. Individuals and families experience Garry as Patient, empathetic and validating. He aims to build rapport with his clients and collaboratively explore and address the challenges that are brought forward. He uses a Strength-based, anti-oppressive and solution-focused approach in his practice.

Garry works with children, individuals (youth, adults), couples, families, and groups. He also supports new parents, in particular new fathers. Garry supports them as they explore their new dual role as both caregiver and partner. This transition can be a challenging time and Garry looks to support fathers in connecting with their newborns and as well as supporting and continuing to strengthen their relationship with those who help to care for the child.

Garry also provides support for single parents and couples who are experiencing infertility. He and his partner struggled with infertility for many years and found that the topic was taboo among many and little support existed. Garry is pleased to offer support in this area to help individuals and couples traverse this challenging journey and make sure they know they are supported and not alone.

Garry has provided services for students and families in the public and private school systems in Toronto. He has supported adult learners in his role as a professor at Seneca College and has trained teachers across North America. Garry also works on the front lines of the Toronto Shelter system teaching life and employment skills to individuals and families currently residing in shelters.

Garry holds a Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts degree from York University and is currently completing his Master of Social Work Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University.

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