Career changes may arise from personal dissatisfaction, shifts in the workplace, accident or disability. Vocational counseling assesses existing skills and abilities that may be leveraged in career changes, develops skills to move forward in your career, explores additional training options and considers when legal advice or mental health supports are indicated.

Career Counseling and Coaching


Making a change in one's work is often a complex and perhaps overwhelming decision.  As you make this very important decision about your future, laying out one's options, considering the realities of the job market, summing up the learnings from one's work experiences to date, weighing the need and evaluating options for additional training, factoring in the the impact of a change on family, clarifying ones values, netting out one's job satisfiers and dissatisfiers are some of the elements your vocational counselor will help you focus and integrate, along with vocational testing


Occasionally, personality factors of self and others and feelings beyond likes and dislikes contribute to workplace stress and may lead to a career crossroads.  Dealing with difficult colleagues, managing one's emotions and personal issues such as perfectionism or AD/HD cross the line from counseling/coaching into psychotherapy.  Your All of You vocational counselor is also a psychotherapist who will support you in this aspect of personal development that will enhance your career.

Career Concerns and Psychotherapy