All of You Family Service focus on the well-being of all family members when families are in crisis and are distinct from couples therapy in that children or other family members are involved either in person or included as an important focus.  Family Counseling involves family conferences and meetings with individual family members. All of You also provides services for separating couples. External agencies and legal considerations may play a role in this work

Family Counseling


Strained relationships and dysfunctional family dynamics have a negative impact on mental health for all family members.  Family counseling focuses on communication, conflict reduction and exposure of children to it, and on commitment. When couples make the difficult decision that a healthy and sustainable relationship is not achievable, separation and divorce counseling can lead to a less expensive, less traumatic, and less confrontational break-up.


Your All of You Parenting Coordinator acts as a coach, educator, and facilitator who attempts to minimize parental conflict and enhance parallel parenting, cooperation, and mutual respect, and potentially greatly reduce the cost of separation and divorce by helping couples come to co-parenting arrangements that work.  A Parenting Coordinator can be useful at any stage of separation and can be particularly helpful with couples experiencing high conflict.

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Parenting Coordination
Supervised Access


When a parent or care-giver is legally required to be observed while they are having a visit with children, often in the context of allegations of abuse, violence, substance abuse or allegations of inappropriate content or language, Supervised Access addresses concerns regarding the safety of the children. This service is offered in-person out of our our main All of You location, 65 Wellesley St East, Toronto, ON, and not in clients’ homes.