The Psychotherapy Services offered at All of You Wellness Centre differ by modality and the nature of the problems they address.   Some modalities offered at All of You include CBT, DBT, EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, narrative,  etc.   Some presenting problems for which psychotherapy is a treatment include addiction recovery, anger management, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, gender dysphoria, relationship problems, personality disorders, AD/HD, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc.  Your choice of practitioner from our team should include consideration of  the modality with which you are most comfortable and the nature of the problem you wish to address.

It is important to approach psychotherapy with a participatory mind set and appropriate expectations.  While it is true that psychotherapy is a form of health care, it differs from medicine.  While in some instances in medicine, treatment may be passively received by the patient, psychotherapy, to be successful, requires the engagement of the client in the process.  You will likely be asked by your psychotherapist to do certain things between sessions which are important for your progress.

Psychotherapy session with therapist


In Ontario, psychotherapy is the treatment of an individual’s serious disorder of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory that may seriously impair the individual’s judgement, insight, behaviour, communication or social functioning, delivered through a therapeutic relationship. Psychotherapists may participate on care teams to support individuals with complex needs.


Counseling provides assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties. Being solution focused in nature, counseling covers many aspects of social work, community work, bereavement support, and pastoral counseling. Counselors may participate on teams to support individuals with complex needs.

Two folks in Psychotherapy counseling session
Psychotherapy coaching session


Coaching -- whether it be life coaching, relationship or singles coaching or vocational coaching-- is a form of facilitated personal development based on the exploration of the Client's skills, choices and attitudes. By maintaining focus, asking challenging questions and over sessions creating an environment of accountability, you coach will help you set goals and evaluate past experiences, taking into your readiness to move forward. Coaching is not psychotherapy: while emotional factors are considered, such as your preferences and reactions to past situations, it is not the goal of coaching to make changes in this area.