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For over 25 years, Jane Walsh has been an advocate, life and divorce coach, and therapist, counseling couples and individuals from many diverse communities. She has worked and volunteered with many LBGT community organizations. Jane brings a variety of services to the All Of You Wellness Centre, specializing in parenting coordination, family mediation, couple counseling, and supervised access.


No matter how much you care about someone else, conflicts and difficult patterns within a relationship can steal precious moments that could otherwise be happy memories. Even the healthiest relationships are met with friction occasionally, and sometimes it’s best to seek the help of a caring professional. Jane will work with you and your partner to uncover the source of your conflict and find resolution. Jane explores how to end power struggles and criticism permanently and replace those impasses with practical solutions.

Couple Counseling requires openness and above all else, honesty. By focusing on communication, conflict reduction, and fostering commitment, Jane allows couples to face challenges to make lasting changes. Explore how to end power struggles and criticism permanently and replace those impasses with practical solutions. Jane's strength is holding the space for couples who cannot decide whether to divorce.

In addition to her academic training, Jane has trained with Katie Hendricks of The Hendricks Institute.

Click here for Jane's CBC Spark interview, exploring spying in couples using technology.


Jane is devoted to keeping children from being exposed to conflict. Whether working with separated or separating parents to develop a cohesive co-parenting plan, or providing supervised access for non-custodial parents and family members visitation, it is clear that Jane is passionate about the rights and well being of children.

Strained relationships have a negative impact on mental health. Jane helps couples navigate and negotiate their way through struggles by focusing on communication, conflict reduction, and commitment. When couples make the difficult decision that a healthy and sustainable relationship is not achievable, separation and divorce counseling can lead to a less expensive, less traumatic, and less confrontational break-up.

As a Parenting Coordinator, Jane acts as a coach, educator, and facilitator who attempts to minimize parental conflict and enhance parallel parenting, cooperation, and mutual respect, and potentially greatly reduce the cost of separation and divorce by helping couples come to co-parenting arrangements that work. A Parenting Coordinator can be useful at any stage of separation and can be particularly helpful with couples experiencing high conflict.


When a parent or care-giver is legally required to be observed while they are having a visit with children, often in the context of allegations of abuse, violence, substance abuse or allegations of inappropriate content or language, Supervised Access addresses concerns regarding the safety of the children. As Provincial supervised access centers can take a long time to obtain service and require a court order to access, Jane offers an alternative of a structured setting.

Most clients use this service on a short-term basis while parents, including non-custodial parents, await a court order for access or resolution of other issues affecting access. In additional, Jane can arrange visits when release conditions or court orders include a no contact order between the parties. Supervised pick up and drop off can also be provided.

For long-term supervised access requirements Jane works with social work and social service worker students to provide supervision in the community.


Drawing upon diverse education, insights, and methodologies from a variety of therapy backgrounds, Jane holds a Masters of Social Work degree with an emphasis on anti-oppression practice and community development. Although she is dedicated, direct and chooses not to waste your time by beating around any bushes, Jane is known for her kindness, her easygoing nature and her delicate funny bone. Let Jane help you increase your conflict resolution skills, improve your parenting in the context of relationship breakdown, and strengthen your distressed relationships.