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Maria is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), currently a candidate for the degree of MACP (Yorkville University). She has a focus on anxiety, stress related issues and postpartum depression, currently working with persons 18 years of age and above, including new or expectant parents.

Maria brings a wealth of experience to her roles as an early childhood educator and piano instructor for children. Beyond her teaching responsibilities, she engages in meaningful consultations with parents, guiding them on effective strategies for child development and parenting. Emphasizing the importance of creating and maintaining healthy parent-child relationships, Maria believes that such connections lay the foundation for stable and robust mental health in the future. Her holistic approach aims to not only impart knowledge and skills to children, but also to empower parents in fostering environments that nurture love, trust, and overall well-being for their little ones.

Served Maria’s passion lies in offering dedicated support to new mothers navigating the challenges of anxiety and postpartum depression. Beyond her focus on maternal well-being, she is equally eager to extend her services to individuals grappling with a profound sense of loss and uncertainty in their lives. Recognizing the complexities of existential struggles, Maria strives to aid those who find themselves adrift and uncertain about their life’s trajectory, assisting them in rediscovering meaning and purpose. Through her empathetic approach and professional insights, Maria aims to create a non judgemental, warm and trusting environment where individuals can embark on transformative journey towards improved mental health and renewed sense of fulfillment.

Maria is passionate about understanding the human mind and behavior, and dedicated to helping people lead happier, healthier lives. Maria approaches her work with authenticity and compassion, placing a genuine emphasis on understanding the complex layers of mental and emotional processes that might be hindering clients from moving beyond past patterns. Moreover, her practice reflects cultural sensitivity, as she brings valuable experience in collaborating with diverse populations, ensuring an inclusive and supportive therapeutic environment for everyone she serves.

Maria’s therapeutic strengths manifest in her empathetic approach, establishing a warm and understanding atmosphere for clients to openly share their thoughts and feelings. Through attentive listening she captures subtleties of client’s experiences, fostering a profound connection. Demonstrating cultural competence, Maria ensures inclusivity by valuing and respecting the diverse backgrounds of the clients. Her adaptability allows her to tailor therapeutic strategies to individual needs. Maria’s dedication to empowerment is highlighted as she actively engages clients in goal-setting and encourages them to recognize their inherent strengths, fostering collaborative and transformative therapeutic journeys.

In the course of engaging with children, particularly those with special needs and challenging behaviors, Maria has acquired a wealth of knowledge and practical skills by incorporating techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modalities. Furthermore, Maria embraces an eclectic therapeutic philosophy, integrating diverse modalities, including narrative, humanistic, Adlerian, and existential therapies. Her commitment lies in tailoring her approach to the unique needs of each client, fostering a collaborative environment that actively works towards facilitating positive change.

Drawing upon her background in singing and acting activities in her country of origin, Maria possesses a firsthand understanding of the challenges associated with performance anxiety, having successfully conquered her own fears. Leveraging this personal experience, she adeptly guides her young students through similar anxieties, particularly as they prepare for their annual performances. Maria’s insight and experience not only equips her to empathize with her students but also enables her to provide valuable support and encouragement during their journey to overcome performance-related apprehensions.

Maria is available to provide psychotherapy both in English and Russian, accommodating individuals who may be more comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings in Russian.

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