Mario Lourenço

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65 Wellesley St East, Suite 402, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1G7
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Mario is Psychotherapist registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario. His clients experience a non-judmental and creative environment in which he helps to disconfirm negative beliefs, improve their relationships and sense of self-worth, and encourages clients to try on new and more satisfying behaviours. Mario's clients learn to free themselves from what blocks, distorts and repeats itself without renewal. Awareness becomes redirected to the fluid and ever-changing exchange between self and environment. In session, Mario clients experience aspects of self that are concealed, pushed to secret corners and out of sight. Mario works with individuals who are dealing with a broad range of issues (click web for details and offers workshops addressing social and performance anxieties by evoking the creative response in individuals and groups.

Mario is also a men's group representative at Counterpoint Counseling & Educational Cooperative where he counsels weekly men’s groups on gendered violence and parenting. For more information on this group or this Toronto-based pro-feminist agency, visit Counterpoint Counseling and Educational Cooperative.

Mario is a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapists (C.A.P.T.). His practice is continuously informed by professional development and supervision. Mario holds an M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Toronto. Originally from Portugal, Mario graduated of the National Conservatory of Theatre in Lisbon. In Canada, he has also received a Honors BA in Sexuality Studies from York University with distinction (cum laude). Now, he divides his time between working as Psychotherapist and teaching drama.