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Nicholas has been a Registered Psychotherapist since 2019 and works with both individuals and couples. He holds an MA in Psychotherapy and Spiritual care and a PhD in Communication. Much of his clinical work has focused on relationships issues, helping individuals and couples to improve communication, establish better boundaries, and manage difficult emotions. His approach is rooted in dominant modalities such as CBT, DBT and short-term solution-focused therapy. He has additional training in couple therapy through an emotionally focused lens (EFT Level 1), as well as through Esther Perel’s Transformative Approach to couples therapy.

An additional strength is Nicholas’s work with male clients around issues of self-esteem and sexuality. He has received a training certificate through the Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy, and specializes in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, low libido and excessive porn use. He is very sympathetic to many of the challenges faced by young men, and works to de-stigmatize the idea of therapy or counselling for men.

Most recently, Nicholas has completed training in CBT-I (cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia) through Queen’s University. CBT-I is a treatment approach that tackles insomnia from a cognitive and behavioural approach. It applies mental and activity strategies designed to facilitate the body's natural biological processes around sleep.

Nicholas maintains a longstanding commitment to depth psychology in the Jungian tradition. He is a member of ISPDI, the International Society for Psychology as Discipline of Interiority, a society of clinical practitioners committed to the notion of a ‘psychology with soul’ as first outlined by Carl Jung. Nicholas incorporates this in his practice through his interest in ‘soul material’ such as dreams and dream interpretation, and has published articles on these themes in academic journals as well as in Psychology Today.

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