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Tara McKee is a Gestalt Therapist and Sex Educator. She has been in private practice for over 4 years and working within the realm of sexuality for over 10 years. Tara’s intuition, compassion and open-minded approach allow for awareness to emerge and new possibilities to be considered.

Tara has a keen interest in the process of therapy, and seeing what may emerge. At its core, Gestalt therapy offers support for what is happening in the present, and how the past or thoughts of the future interrupt one’s experience of now. Through her training, Tara has incorporated these elements into her pre-existing openness, and enthusiasm for experiencing the human condition. Tara also brings a feminist, anti-oppressive, LGBTQ-positive, and sex-positive perspective to her work with individuals, couples of all descriptions, and groups.

As an expert within the realm of sexuality, Tara is able to bring this element onto therapy and provide support for clients to discover intimate areas of themselves that may remain hidden or unspoken. Sexuality is often difficult to talk about and Tara recognizes this and brings a wealth of knowledge to this area, particularly to women’s sexuality, orgasm, pelvic pain and better sex between couples.

The relational experience between Therapist and Client is a unique one, one that must be given support and time to emerge. The beauty of therapy is that this can happen in an instant, or create a ripple effect that may emerge at some point in the future. Working with Tara is an opportunity to know support and compassion with skill and intuition of what is presented. Change is possible.

Tara holds a Certificate in Gestalt Therapy from the Gestalt Institute of Toronto; Bachelor or Arts from University of Toronto. She is a member of Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT).

She has also completed courses to support her work with clients: Art Therapy and Dreamwork at Gestalt Institute of Toronto; Sexual Attitudes Reassement, SAR; Talking with Clients About Sexual Issues with Gina Ogden.

Tara is often consulted as an expert for radio and television within the realm of sexuality and teaches workshops on the many topics, often about sex and sometimes on other topics too!

Among Tara's many Workshops Topics are:

  • Safer Sex and Risk Negotiation
  • Sexuality Issues in Therapy
  • G-Spots and Female Ejaculation
  • Pelvic Pain and Painful Sex
  • Self-Pleasure for Women
  • Understanding Disabilities